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Sample Engagements

The following case studies are just a few examples of how The DCL Group has helped clients improve the performance of their IT investment.

To view a complete case study, please click on the links provided.

IT Alignment with Business Strategy

•    Project Cost / Benefit Analysis
For the leading electronics payment company, we analyzed the feasibility, costs and benefits of a series of related projects. Our efforts enabled effective project selection through senior management consensus of the relative values of the initiatives under consideration.    Find out more.  .  .

IT Organization Assessment and Management

•    Leased Equipment Portfolio Analysis
For an international imaging corporation, we analyzed and documented a leased IT equipment portfolio. We negotiated arrangements with various lessors resulting in an $81K monthly expense reduction and the avoidance of $2.6 million dollars in lease exposure.    Find out more.  .  .

•    Asset Management Operations
For the same international imaging corporation, we documented and analyzed the current process by which IT assets are acquired, deployed and upgraded. We developed a database application to track leased assets and to guide the corporation through the decision making process required at lease expiration.    Find out more.  .  .

•    Business Continuity Planning
Subcontracted through an IT Operations Consulting firm, we developed a business continuity plan. The plan supported the services of their client, a pharmacovigilance service provider, to its key customer relationship.    Find out more.  .  .

Solution Support Services

•    Web Design and Development
For a non-profit volunteer organization, we developed their first independent web site. The site has enhanced their capture rate for new volunteers and provides a means for support of existing volunteers and clients through unique content designed directly with the staff.    Find out more.  .  .

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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