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• IT Alignment with Business Strategy

• IT Organization Assessment & Management

• Solution Support Services



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Our Services

The DCL Group offers a vairety of services designed to help businesses achieve maximum return on their IT investment. We have found that our range of services can be grouped into the three key areas described below.

Please explore the topic links for more information about the individual services provided.

IT Alignment with Business Strategy:
We focus on the alignment of people, processes and technology with the business plans and strategies within a company. By addressing inefficiencies in these areas, our clients maximize the value of their IT dollars spent in support of their business goals.

This suite of services includes:

•     IT Governance
•     Strategic Technology Planning and Project Selection
•     Application Assessment and Optimization

IT Organization Assessment and Management:
These services are specifically targeted at the internal IT organization that is in transition - either downsizing, growing rapidly or at the point of maturity. We help clients bring a greater degree of structure and discipline to a maturing or expanding organization, or assist in downsizing in order to effect reduction in a logical and controlled fashion.

This suite of services includes:

•     IT Organization Assessment •     IT Asset Management
•     Outsourcing Vendor Evaluation •     IT Financial Control
•     Project Management Training •     Business Continuity Planning

Solution Support Services:
We provide project management and staff supplementation support for full IT project life cycle including package selection, package implementation and application development.

This suite of services includes:

•     Project Management •     Website Design and Development
•     Streamlined Package Selection •     Business and Systems Analysis

The DCL Group: An IT Management Consulting Company
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